Black coffee - “It’s all in the details”

freshly ground coffee.jpg

Having a great cup of coffee is the metaphor for life. For those you want an easy instant life, there’s instant coffee. And then there are the few, freshly ground, dark roast. No sugar. No cream. I’m one of those people. I take my coffee seriously, freshly ground at the moment of consumption.

Black coffee - “It’s all in the details” I whisper in thought, as I gather all my supplies, beans, scoop, with the brush at the bottom.

I simply can’t do simple coffee anymore, everything else is bland and without taste. A taste I acquired, since I decided to do things differently with my coffee over 10 years ago.

One of the many things I’ve try to do in my life, is to do things only the few would choose. I simply have a hard time doing things like everyone else. I fight within myself to be different.

You’re probably wondering, what do this have to do with making coffee? Has to do with everything.

There’s something in my routine that, if I don’t take notice, is a direct reflection on how I’m seeing the world.

Do I care for the details? or am I taking whatever is given to me? I have to put in the work like I do my strong black coffee; across the board in my life.

Am I doing that? The answer is no. Is it because it’s too hard, or not enough time in the day to pay attention to the details? No, I don’t think so, but life is much messier then a great cup of coffee, but that in itself is an excuse. Today - I will start take notice and fix this disconnection. Because it’s all in the details.