Beautiful broken soul 


It’s been months, soon to be years since you’ve passed away, no amount of tears can fill this void, 

crazy huh? 

Beautiful broken soul 

What I wouldn’t give too hear you say, smile CJ, all the while, I struggled to forgive.

War between our hearts and souls.

Many nights wondering why?

Beautiful broken soul 

Pride has torn many of veils. 

Looking back, that’s all you knew. 

What I wouldn’t give to help you put together your broken pieces, beautiful broken soul. You were broken, crying for help. What is a son suppose to do? Forgive, love anyways.

Beautiful broken soul 

I know, I’m not alone, you are near.

So many unspoken words in life. Missed words, await in the silence in the air.

We walk around as if tomorrow is promised, betrayal comes when it doesn’t. 

Father please mentioned my words.

Mom, I love you. 

You are a beautiful broken soul