Eye of the storm

Every man must face his eye of the storm and live to tell, all glory to God.
— God Rocks My Soul

Eye Of The Storm

My journey begins...

I am God Rocks My Soul.

My alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning and I habitually hit the snooze. This begins now, I continue to say to myself every morning, but still I struggle! The eye of the storm is coming. No one can see it, just me and my God. I must wake up with a since of urgency, sending shock waves within the spirit world every time my foot touches the ground, shaking the earth to its core. I’m a man of war.

For centuries there have been whispers of such storms. Thousands have died, unable to handle or embrace such power. It has brought the strongest of men to there knees. If it were up to me, I would vow never come face to face with it, never! but it’s a choice I must take. I’m a son of God. I’m a man of war.

So, what is the eye of the storm? The eye of the storm is the focal point in ones soul, that if walked through, and defeated. One can become all God has called him to be, joining the ranks of the many Kings of God.

Today is my declaration of such duty.

Dear Father,

I know it appears to the word that I’m just an ordinary man, but if one could look within the spirit realm, one would see, that I am etched in armor from head to toe.

I am made for spiritual warfare. I am made for such a time as this.

Every man must face the eye of the storm and live to tell, all glory to God.


Prayer is the beginning of such wisdom. One must spend time with God to gain the strength needed to defeat the eye of the storm. Writing is my strength. My sword. I wonder what such a storm looks like? What it feels like? I know there were many times in my life that I’ve brushed up against one and it nearly cost me my life, only to be in the loving hands of the Father. His promises have stood the test of time. If one wishes to battle the eye of the storm, he will be with you. All you have to do is ask.

Father, I am ready! Please take me to the window of my soul. The eye of the storm.