Finding peace from within

There’s a wicked storm inside me.

I’ve struggled to do things right for far too long, like many of us, I have stayed up many of nights trying to have the perfect blog. I’ve started and stopped so many times that I’ve simply lost count. I’ve posted, unposted, only to repost the same posts over and over again. I fight daily to stay focus, and to keep going.

Today, I’ve decided to just focus on my writing, there are no more rules!

The whole reason why I love to write, because I have something to say. I love God. I know pain. I know loss. I know what it is like to keep unspoken words inside me, to bury themselves in the wasteland of my unforgiveness. I will no longer do that.

I will slowly find peace within.

I will write.

I will create.

I will be me.