God Rocks My Soul

The life of a writer is a hard endeavor, its hardly about the writing itself that stops you, but the battle that rages within ones soul. I am enough. I am a writer. It is done.
— God Rocks My Soul

God Rocks My Soul is a state of being.

It’s who I am. I was born for God’s will. I was born to be God Rocks My Soul. I was designed by Him for this unique purpose. I am a creator.

God Rocks My Soul is a state of power.

He leads me into all things creative. The way I should live. My life is an exceptional experience. The very essence that I’m alive and chosen by God to create the extraordinary. I am all powerful beyond measure.

God Rocks My Soul is a state of knowing.

I know who I am. I know who’s I am. I do not live in fear.

I am. God Rocks My Soul.

Having the weight of purpose on my life brings a tremendous strength and weakness at the same time. I am flesh, who longs to live by the spirit. The days of horses and chariots, used by the soldiers of God, are long gone. How can you tell who is a soldier or not? Action. The fight remains.

I am a man of war. Here is my story.