Having the wings of encouragement

Dear Father,

There are millions of people who feel hidden beneath their shadows. I can feel it deep within my heart. I too, was lost Father. Having the wings of God stowed upon me, brought me strength, honor and duty - I know what they seek, you.

It’s s a joy to be a solider in your army.

I will write. I will encourage. Whoever reads this letter know that you are not alone, let these words be yours. Rest on them. Let the voice of God guide you, mold you into your creative gifts. We are God Rocks My Soul.

This is the beginning, redefining who we are. We don’t want to be the status quo. We dare to be different. If one thing is fro sure, we got this!

We will soar, far above, what we could ever do on our own. We know that Father, we will fly on the wings of God.

It is not a pure measure of one’s heart that determines how far one goes but how far one sees from within.
— God Rocks My Soul

We have wings of encouragement, hope and love.


SoulChristopher James