The classic keys of God

Dear Father,

I’m silently listening to the classic keys of God.

I imagined you playing on a beautiful piano, hitting the soft keys of love; joy, patience and kindness.

These are just a taste of the many sweet notes of the Spirit. I smile as I lean forward on the piano, wondering, what is next? I get lost in your eyes. The notes continue. Faster and faster, they slow, as if they know the cadence to my soul. Is that me? Is that the rhythm of my heart?

I know I belong to you. I am enough. You are my maestro. I continue to dance with angels.

As the first verse slowly ends, the next begins. Your goodness and mercy settles on the soft notes. The faith provides the thundering of the orchestra. The walls trembles, but I do not move, it is peaceful. The gentleness of the violin commands my attention. We are all your audience. The world begs for you to never stop playing.

Listening to the classic keys of God.

I wish I could find the words…

Father, you are beautiful.

I am your son, you are my first love. for I am nothing without you.

You are my joy. In the morning, and through the evening, you are my all.

I continue to sing, whispering, finding my true voice.

I Follow you. The river of love, over pours my soul.

I am yours.