Potting my first indoor plant

Recently, I potted my first indoor plant, a Zamioculcas Zamifolia.

I’m sure this is my first of many, planting different kinds of plants, it reminds me of what God has called us to do. To plant seeds of encouragement, hope and love. Planting has deep meaning to me, its the start of everything - we’re creators at the heart & soul.

So, this being my first time. I had to ask have my wife how properly plant.

I have to mention, that asking anyone one for help is one of the hardest things for me to do. I would rather just wait; or, until, it somehow magically falls into place.

But, I know deep down, if I don’t ask for help. I will get stuck in the waiting, life stands at a still when there is something I need, and I don’t ask. I must ask.

Dear Father,

I ask to be molded by the Potter’s hands. Please mold me, shape me, into the man that you see Father. I can only see so far, oh my dearest Father. My words, let them be yours.

I want to plant many seeds of encouragement, hope and love.

I know that I’v started and stopped so many times, it is by your grace that I keep going.

I am stronger. I am ready. To begin again, this is a new beginning. I ask for wisdom, and the willingness to ask for help, especially from you Father.

Let the soil of my heart be, forever new and plantable.


My first potted plant - Zamioculcas. March 3rd

My first potted plant - Zamioculcas. March 3rd