The One

If today was my last day here on earth, would I leave in peace or would I leave in struggle?
— God Rocks My Soul

Life has a way of pressing you, squeezing you into conformity. I’m called to be a Man Of War.
A Creative Disciple. So, why do I continue to do other duties other then my call?

I will participate, do my part. I will not settle. I will finish my race.

It is my duty to press in. God has giving me a life of duty and service. I only have my life, because he first chose me. I have purpose, that only He can provide.

The question: How will I recognize the one I am looking for? Life is so complicated at times, I know that is no excuse. I must keep looking, writing to reach the one.

The one who is called by God to create the extraordinary.

When one is called, truly called. Life is never the same, they are a bit more edgy, knowing that there is something bigger inside of them. They wait until someone with a kindred spirit points them out! And then, and only then. A yes, I’ve heard His voice comes out and the connection to the Kingdom spreads. We may whisper, as to not be heard because being called by God is a somewhat secret society.

I’ve had many conversations with people who I know have the potential but only to fall short, I included, because of the lack of patience, what others may think, and countless other obstacles.

How will recognize the one?

Christopher James