What makes writing so enjoyable?

What makes writing so enjoyable?

Truth be told, I haven’t always enjoyed writing. When I was a young boy. I struggled with finding the right words to express myself. In school, anytime a writing assignment, or if I knew I had to get in front of the class - I would disappear.

I’m 46 now. I don’t struggle as bad as that anymore, but at times, I do find myself back in that situation, one of the downfalls of being idle in life. You have to keep making progress. Don’t stop! And you’ll be fine.

That’s why I enjoy writing, it’s my voice. This is my part in the world. I will never stop writing what is in my heart. I will write at least one post a day for 21 days to make it a habit again. This is my declaration. I know someone is watching, there’s always is.

By stating my desire, I hope to be held accountable by an unforgiving soul, me. Writing helps heal the, mind, body and soul.

What makes writing so enjoyable? Encouraging others, simply, the best part of it all.